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Today, you are typically limited in your selection of productivity solutions, to those offered by the vendor of your application stack.  And while interoperability solutions such as OPC UA exist for data exchange, it is still challenging to find the applications you may benefit from and configure them for your application.  Imagine a place where you can search for Profiles (equipment definitions that match your installations), and then can browse a list of all the applications that support them.  That is the idea behind the CESMII SM Marketplace.

The SM Marketplace is akin to an “App Store” where developers of Operational Technology (OT) applications can make their products available for use with the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform (SMIP) for use in developing solutions to customer manufacturing use cases. The marketplace also includes SM Profiles representing structured information for devices, machines and processes. Profiles and applications are initially created for the SMIP SM Marketplace through institute funded projects, including Enabling R&D projects and Innovation projects.  And in the future, they’ll be crowd sourced through industry as a whole.

Smart Manufacturing Marketplace

Information & Resources


  • A Vision for the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform (video) – Watch Now
  • CESMII Self-Serve Smart Manufacturing (video) – Watch Now

Project Resources

  • Annual Meeting 2020 Keynote: SM Innovation Platform Overview (video) – Watch Now
  • Demo: SM Innovation Platform CTP R1 (video) – Watch Now

Development Resources

  • Expression and Application of Smart Manufacturing Profiles (pdf) – Download
  • Understanding the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform V.03 (pdf) – Download
  • Redistributable Type Definitions, An Analogy (Word doc) – Download
  • Smart Manufacturing Profiles (Word doc – Github Doc) – Download

By enabling frictionless movement of information – raw and contextualized data – between real-time Operations and the people and systems that create value in and across Manufacturing organizations, CESMII is ensuring the power of information and innovation is at the fingertips of everyone who touches manufacturing.


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