Smart Manufacturing for the Process Industries – RAPID and CESMII

This webinar explores ways in which smart manufacturing and process development can come together to improve the energy efficiency and competitiveness of the chemical, oil & gas, and bioproducts industries. The joint webinar is brought to you by two Manufacturing USA institutes—CESMII, the smart manufacturing institute, and RAPID, the modular chemical process intensification (MCPI) institute. Topics will include the outlook for smart, wireless sensors to reduce costs for modular and distributed processes, and for advanced control strategies to address challenges with more-constrained, intensified process equipment. Registration is free to all.

The audience will learn about:

  • The role of smart manufacturing in process industries
  • How smart manufacturing addresses common problems in conventional processing industries
  • How smart manufacturing addresses common problems in intensified processing
  • The role smart manufacturing plays in distributed modular processing
  • Smart manufacturing and standardization

Haresh Malkani

Haresh was appointed CTO of CESMII starting March 1, 2018. He brings over 29 years of experience in an industrial RD&E environment covering development and deployment of Smart Manufacturing technologies including sensing, automation, control, modeling, simulation and analytics for applications in continuous, hybrid and discrete manufacturing operations. Haresh oversees the development and application of the nation’s first open, collaborative Smart Manufacturing technology platform for industrial applications. In addition, he provides guidance on the institute’s technical program content for training and workforce development.Read more

Paul Yelvington

Paul Yelvington is the Chief Technology Officer of the RAPID Manufacturing Institute. Paul’s expertise includes combustion, alternative fuels, engines, biomass conversion, applied spectroscopy, reactor piloting, techno-economic analysis, technology transfer, product development, and project management. He also specializes in the use of advanced simulations and controls to improve the efficiency of practical energy conversion devices.Read more