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Department of Energy Continues Commitment to Smart Manufacturing Innovation by Renewing UCLA’s Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office (AMMTO) today announced renewed funding for the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), DOE’s institute expressly dedicated to smart manufacturing (SM) innovation. CESMII will receive an initial $6 million with potential additional funding across four subsequent fiscal years. The purpose of this renewed funding is to further advance the widespread adoption of SM, a technology that remains crucial for the domestic competitiveness of clean energy manufacturing and to accelerate America’s transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

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Smart Manufacturing Mindset™:

Think Differently About Shaping your SM Journey

This month the CESMII & SME LinkedIn Live series, Smart Manufacturing Mindset™

we focused on taking charge of your own Smart Manufacturing Journey. After months of sharing best practices around various aspects of smart manufacturing, this month’s episode brings listeners a first-hand account of a company on its SM journey. Together with the Digital Foundry team at Penn State, MSA Safety is seeing real results from their 9-month journey thus far. The process uses CESMII’s toolset to form a baseline before building a technology and organizational roadmap to address its strategic goals.

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Top Takeaways: Shaping your SM Journey

Join us next month to Think Differently: Industry Roadmapping


Biden-Harris Administration Announces $22 Million to Support Smart Manufacturing at Small- and Medium-sized Facilities Across the Nation

In support of President Biden’s Investing in America agenda, a key pillar of Bidenomics, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $22 million to 12 state-run programs to accelerate smart manufacturing at small- and medium-sized facilities. Funded by the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the State Manufacturing Leadership Program aims to make smart manufacturing technologies and high-performance computing more accessible for use across the domestic manufacturing sector, which accounts for over one-sixth of U.S. carbon emissions and nearly a quarter of the nation’s energy usage. This funding will help states remove existing barriers that inhibit the ability of small- and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) to utilize innovative, data-driven tools and technologies—improving production efficiency to reduce costs, support new domestic manufacturing opportunities, and cut harmful emissions. Advancing sustainable, next-generation tools and resources in the manufacturing sector is key to achieving the Biden-Harris Administration’s ambitious goal of a net-zero economy by 2050 and will help revitalize and strengthen America’s global leadership in manufacturing. 

CESMII was mentioned in the announcement multiple times with funding going to three Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers in California, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

DOE Press Release
State Factsheet

“I think this is the most profound overviews of how the US industrial revolution evolved to where we are today, in search of a revival via advanced/smart manufacturing. This is a longer article, but definitely worth taking the time to read it.”

– John Dyck, CESMII, CEO

In a recent article titled “America’s Advanced Manufacturing Problem – and How to Fix It,” the authors raised some thought-provoking questions. To pinpoint how the United States went from a global leader in manufacturing in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to a laggard behind countries like China in the twenty-first century, one can’t help but look at the role the government, technology, and academia have played. Whether you agree that manufacturing innovation plays a key role in the United States’ economic position, it’s certainly hard to dispute that America lacks the skilled workforce, technologies, and funding to capitalize on advanced manufacturing practices.

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Stackable Credentials for Smart Manufacturing Coming Soon 

We are currently running several projects to extend the SACA (Smart Automation Certification Alliance) credentials into Smart Manufacturing. SACA offers certifications in various production automation skills and competency levels. The certifications use a modular structure to enable them to fit a wide range of individual needs, industries, and educational environments. SACA certifications focus on automation, operations, robot systems, and we are adding smart manufacturing this year. Several academic institutions are aligning student pathways from these micro-credentials to two and four-year degrees in manufacturing. We will be discussing these programs at the upcoming SOUTHTEC conference in Greensville, SC. 

We are currently working to add four credentials on Smart Manufacturing:

   Smart Manufacturing – Fundamentals

   Smart Manufacturing – Data Acquisition 

   Smart Manufacturing – Visualization and Analytics 

   Smart Manufacturing – Data Transmission and Cybersecurity

Three more are queued for next year:

   Smart Manufacturing – Connecting Data, Platforms, Systems and Workers

   Smart Manufacturing – Automating and Optimizing Control, Flow and Resource Productivity

  Cybersecurity for Integrated Industrial Operational Technology (OT) and IT

We had a great workshop to validate these credentials with industry in the Wisconsin region. A couple more workshops will be schedule in different manufacturing regions. To learn more about the SACA workshops and the CESMII initiatives that are training and equipping community college professors on how to prepare the workforce for the SACA credentials email: education@cesmii.org.

CESMII_January Newsletter_Final-25.png

Automated Process Control Improves Efficiency of EnergyIntensive Heat Treatment Processes

The project team deployed strategies for realizing a 15% reduction in energy consumption for thermal treatment of composite parts. The developed technologies could be adopted in aerospace, automotive, heavy eqiupment and any other industries that implement thermal processing for discreet part manufacturing. 


Potential savings from improved yield (reduced scrap) for a single furnace. 

⬇ $3.8M/yr 

Potential maintenance cost reduction from implementing maintenance optimization tools in a typical plant. 

⬇ 1.5 PJ/yr

Potential energy savings at a typical plant that runs heat treatment equipment. 

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The Industrial Transformation Event

CESMII CEO John Dyck is gearing up for an encore at LNS Research’s IX Event for the second year in a row! The IX Event is where visionary business leaders unite to craft strategies that reshape industries. From game-changing dialogues at the executive level to real-world use cases and insightful analyst-led discussions, the event is packed with tools needed to propel your organization to unparalleled Industrial Transformation (IX) success.

Join us at this three-day event, and learn from the triumphs and lessons of Fortune 500 luminaries and the entire LNS Research Analyst Team.

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