Onboarding SMMs to Smart Manufacturing Through CESMII​

Project Lead: Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc.

Member % Cost Share: 100%
CESMII % Cost Share: 0%
Duration: 12 Months

Problem Statement

Small-medium size manufacturers (SMMSs) in the U.S. are not fully implementing smart manufacturing technologies. SMMs are not capturing and utilizing manufacturing process and operational data that will help grow their companies and strengthen overall U.S. manufacturing.

Project Goal

  • Expose leaders of 20 SMMs to the SM Platform with real-world examples of how smart manufacturing hardware and software tools can be implemented;
  • Train 20 persons on use of smart manufacturing tools such that each person may implement those tools at their respective companies

Technical Approach

Devise a basic real-world workflow for CNC machining that includes manufacturing process data acquisition and utilizes the SM Platform for analytics and showcase to SMMs and workforce.

  • Demonstrate SM technologies and platform – measure energy consumption during CNC machining and digitally connect the quality inspection information using the SM Platform.
  • Host in-person and web-based workshops to demonstrate the smart manufacturing workflow to SMMs and to incumbent and future workforce.

Deliverables/Outcomes/SM Marketplace

  • CNC Machine SM Profile 
  • Additive Manufacturing Machine SM Profile

Potential Impact

  • 20 SMMs understand smart manufacturing concepts and how to utilize SM Platform
  • 20 persons trained at a level to implement basic smart manufacturing using the SM Platform
  • 5 SMMs adopt smart manufacturing technologies


  • Demonstrate interoperability of a CESMII manufacturing testbed and the SM Platform​
  • Instantiation of additional manufacturing equipment on the SM Platform​
  • Leverage and complement first wave of CESMII-funded projects​
  • Possible increase in CESMII membership base 

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