Scalable Smart Manufacturing Workforce Development Community Model with VR-Digital Twin Technologies

Project Lead: Amatrol
Partners: Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

Member % Cost Share: 52.45%
CESMII % Cost Share: 47.55%
Duration: 12 Months

Problem Statement

Shortage of incumbent and new workers skilled in Smart Manufacturing technologies due to:

  • Lack of SM college programs and short-term SM courses/credentials for industry
  • Lack of low-cost VR/Digital Twin teaching tools to make hands-on labs affordable
  • Not enough teachers with skills to teach SM courses

    Project Goal

    Create and demonstrate the effectiveness of a scalable community workforce development model, which includes flexible, low-cost teaching tools and assessments that can be implemented nationwide to expand SM training to meet industry needs.

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    Technical Approach

    The project will meet its objectives by forming:

    • SM Center at Texas A&M University to lead the development of the VR/ digital twin software and develop an instructor professional development academy
    • Network of colleges and industry to develop SM courses/assessments (in collaboration with Amatrol staff), pilot the courses and teaching materials including the VR/Digital Twin software
    • Amatrol development team to align online materials to SM courses and SACA credentials

    Key Tasks & Milestones

    • Milestone 1: SM Center, Network, & Development Teams formed, VR and Course Dev.-Initial Phase, (M3)
    • Milestone 2: SM Equip. Commissioned, VR and Courses Completed, Instructor Training Designed (M6)
    • Milestone 3: VR-Equipment Interface, Assessments, and Instructor Training Completed; Pilot Sch. (M9)

    Potential Impact

    • Significant increase in number of SM-trained U.S. workers, incumbent and new
    • Highly effective SM training programs widely available in schools and industry in U.S.
    • Ability to easily start new SM programs at low cost


    • Playbook that can be disseminated to members
    • Model demonstration site in Texas
    • Training programs aligned with CESMII curriculum framework
    • Low-cost training tools for CESMII members

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