Modular Smart Manufacturing Certifications

Project Lead: Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA)
Partners: Amatrol

Member % Cost Share: 50%
CESMII % Cost Share: 50%
Duration: 12 Months

Problem Statement

Incumbent workers and small-medium size businesses do not have a convenient method to acquire high quality Smart Manufacturing skills related to their needs due to lack of comprehensive curriculum, credentials, and modularized short-term courses.

Project Goal

This project will create micro-credentials and modularized hands-on curriculum for smart manufacturing energy efficiency skills and small-medium business needs, which builds on an existing foundation of smart manufacturing SACA micro-credentials and curriculum.

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Technical Approach

The method of solving this problem :

  • Develop new SACA standards for short-term credential standards in partnership with industry using an ISO credential development process
  • Develop new SACA online/ hands-on credential assessments using industry experts/advisors
  • Develop curriculum aligned with new credentials using standardized development process
  • Develop hands-on procedures to align with IIoT kit being developed under a separate RFP

Key Tasks & Milestones

  • Milestone 1: Form Technical Workgroup, identify standards, outline hands-on skills (M3)

  • Milestone 2: Finalize standards, Conduct Regional Workshops, Storyboard lessons/study guides (M6)

  • Milestone 3: Finalize assessments, begin piloting/analysis, and complete pre/post tests (M9)

Potential Impact

  • Makes training available to U.S. incumbent workers to increase numbers trained
  • Makes training available to U.S. small-medium size businesses to expand training to a critical segment
  • Creates credentials and standards that will encourage more curriculum development by many training organizations


  • Creates micro-credentials aligned with CESMII framework that address small-medium business and incumbent workers
  • Propagates CESMII vision through credentialing
  • Creates access to SM curriculum for CESMII and members

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