Augmented Reality Platform for Smart Manufacturing of Wind Turbines

Project Lead: Spiral Science and Technology Inc.
Partners: LM Wind Power, GE Renewable Energy

Member % Cost Share: 50%
CESMII % Cost Share: 50%
Duration: 10 Months

Problem Statement

Complex paper-based work instructions and inefficient quality control process in  manufacturing of the wind turbines.

Project Goal

Develop reusable SM Profile for the composite 62.2m blade (on-shore windmill) and an Augmented Reality (AR) platform for serving the visual work instructions  capturing the insights from the SMIP as well as surface defects prediction model.

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Technical Approach

Develop AR system including interface and back end. Create SM Profile and set-up the real-time data exchange. Collect quality data and build data model for automated  defect prediction. Validate and scale the system.

Key Tasks & Milestones

  • Develop platform interface and validate AR display/capture mechanism
  • Develop platform back end; integrate with ERP system
  • Set up SM Profile and implement the system in SMIP
  • Develop data model for advanced surface analysis
  • Conduct field trials and perform impact assessment

Potential Impact

  • Faster achievement of the climate goals
  • Extra $40m in revenue for a single manufacturer
  • 9,088,500 kg of CO2-e reduced per one headset installed
  • 1,615,481 MMT CO2-e reduction per year assuming optimistic adoption


Modules for provision of AR-based work instructions and quality control will become available to other members on CESMII’s SMIP. AR case study for other industries.

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