Apogean Legacy Machine Connectivity

Project Lead: Toward Zero
Partners: Raytheon Technologies

Member % Cost Share: 50%
CESMII % Cost Share: 50%
Duration: 6 Months

Problem Statement

Legacy CNC machines are expensive and time consuming to connect to Industry 4.0 systems.

Project Goal

Create a forward compatible hardware device that allows quick wiring to existing sensors, devices and serial communication ports, and communicates via modern OPC UA and/or MTConnect protocols to Industry 4.0 systems.

Technical Approach

The hardware device will be designed to use existing signals on the machine, while also allowing future upgrades to the software doing the protocol conversion to ensure compatibility with Industry 4.0 systems.

Deliverables/Outcomes/SM Marketplace

  • Validated hardware device functionality.
  • Installed devices at industrial partner site.
  • Demonstrated collection and transmission of real-time manufacturing data at customer site.
  • Apogean Legacy Connectivity Device
  • CNC Machine Smart Manufacturing Profile

    Potential Impact

    Ability to supply data from hundreds of thousands of legacy CNC machines.


    Faster and less expensive option for legacy CNC owners to leverage the CESMII platform.  Connecting legacy CNC machines can cost from $10K to $15K. Apogean should reduce those costs by more than 50%.

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