Smart Warehouse with Augmented Reality

Project Lead: Concurrency
Partners: Clover Imaging Group

Member % Cost Share: 50%
CESMII % Cost Share: 50%
Duration: 6 Months

Problem Statement

Individuals with cognitive disabilities are under employed in manufacturing work environments. With a human helper they can be actively engaged, but without, they are forgotten and not employed in areas they could be. Also, highly functioning individuals are inefficient at working in the manufacturing environment.

Project Goal

Concurrency and Clover are working together on an AI for Good initiative that enables individuals with cognitive disabilities to do work in a production warehouse. Concurrency would like to complete the open-source effort, create live demo-able sample, prepare live environment to show other CESMII members, and integrate the SM profile.

Technical Approach

GitHub for hosting, Azure platform to host the bot service, enhancements using cognitive services bot flows, and Azure to onboard the new customers. The SM platform will be integrated to form a comprehensive approach to gathering data on location and part identification, while maintaining the integrity of the bot framework. We anticipate delivering SM profiles tied to warehouse data capture and integration with the data model used to identify warehouse locations.

Deliverables/Outcomes/SM Marketplace

  • Delivered Complete Conversational AI Source Code Package
  • Delivered Warehouse Part SM Profile

Potential Impact

Availability of a demo-able sample to onboard customers, access to complete reference architecture. 

    • Demo-capable virtual live site
    • Reference architecture for CESMII partners & Onboarding assistance for CESMII members


Helping individuals who may not have alternatively had a chance to do picking and warehouse work. This also increases productivity in the warehouse because it enables not just individuals with cognitive disabilities, but all people. The reference architecture will aid CESMII partners in onboarding using the platform.

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