Smart Manufacturing Platform – Smart App Infrastructure

Project Lead: ThinkIQ, Inc.

Member % Cost Share: 54.79%
CESMII % Cost Share: 45.21%
Duration: 12 Months

Problem Statement

The SM Platform needs to be open and allow multiple vendors to build applications that are both powerful and compelling to use.  Currently the platform does not adequately support third-parties being able to create integrated User Experiences and for multiple Smart Apps to share the same pane of glass.  It also lacks good utilities and infrastructure for the deployment and management of these applications.

Project Goal

To improve the platform to make it possible to create well integrated applications, to enable consistent user interfaces for common tasks and to provide tools for application management.

Technical Approach

  • Create libraries for common User Interfaces. 
  • Create libraries to simply Smart App creation.
  • Build services and libraries to enable tight integration with the Content Management System. 
  • Build services and libraries to enable Smart App deployment, management and administration.

Deliverables/Outcomes/SM Marketplace

  • Delivered Application Programming Interface for a Content Management System Application
  • Delivered Automated Service to Deploy and Update Smart Applications
  • Delivered Examples of How to Implement No-code Application
  • Delivered Example Code Library
  • Training Video
  • Smart Application Development, Deployment & Management Tools

Potential Impact

  • The SMIP will be more attractive to Third Party Developer.
  • The time and cost to develop Smart Applications will be reduced.
  • The power of and number of Smart Applications will increase.
  • Smart Manufacturing will be further democratized.


  • Increased membership because members will see greater value
  • Clear path to Sustainability as more Vendors participate

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