Packaged SMIP Smart Connector for Ectron Computers

Project Lead: Ectron Corporation

Member % Cost Share: 50.51%
CESMII % Cost Share: 49.49%
Duration: 9 Months

Problem Statement

Developing a smart Profile for an Asset and a Smart packaged connector to connect the data captured on the edge with the SMIP platform with OPC/UA.   Wave 4 project and this Wave 3 project will leverage work done in both cases.

Project Goal

Create a smart profile for a generic asset: Oven, bind the profile to the oven, connect the profile to the SM platform using ethernet IP on the OT side through the smart connector and OPC/UA on the IT side

Technical Approach

  • Ectron will develop a general-purpose smart profile for the SMIP for an Oven​
  • Ectron will also develop a smart connector that will be available on the ECT-ECI and ECT-GCI computers to connect to the SM platform

Deliverables/Outcomes/SM Marketplace

  • Completed integration of equipment sensors to Azure via SmartEYE. (SmartEYE is an IIoT-based Platform as a Service that provides a 360-degree view of factory operations.)
  • Completed integration of equipment sensors to Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform via SmartEYE.
  • Developed generic oven profile.
  • Implement a smart packaged connector to translate EthernetIP to the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform using OPC-UA.
  • Generic oven SM profile.
  • Smart connector to link edge devices to Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform.
  • Edge device that combines sensor integration, edge computing and a gateway to cloud based analytics.

Potential Impact

A plug and play solution for edge to SMIP using OPCA/UA and a generic smart profile of an asset along with a generic smart connector to take EthernetIP protocol end points to SMIP using OPC/UA.


CESMII will have a working plug and play flow using SmartEYETM as the edge IIoT platform that is a hybrid cloud plus edge deployment. A CESMII SM Profile™ for a Generic Asset such as Burn in Overn will be delivered A Smart Packaged Connector for the SMIP from Ethernet IP OT protocol will be delivered.

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