From Manual Operations to the Cloud: Using Smart Manufacturing Technologies to Enable Small Manufacturers ​

Project Lead: ECM Performance Materials Corp
Partners: Axiom Manufacturing Systems

Member % Cost Share: 50%
CESMII % Cost Share: 50%
Duration: 5.5 Months

Problem Statement

This RFP addresses one of the biggest issues facing small, medium and minority owned manufacturers today. The barrier to entry into automation and data collection in key processes.

Project Goal

To create a central hub for all production data, providing real-time optics into plant operations. A successful project will yield a revolutionary framework that can be used by other small to medium manufacturers to reduce the costs of collecting, parsing and storing real-time data. 

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Technical Approach

New scale heads and load cells will be installed on 4 key operations in ECM Performance Materials’ (ECMPMC) plant. An EDGE device will be utilized to run the SM Platform™ on premise at ECMPMC’s location.  Workflows will be configured to walk the operator through the process steps to execute production orders.  A local PLC will coordinate between the SM Platform™ workflow elements and the local equipment in order to assure safety and real-time processing of manufacturing events.  Weighing information will be retrieved from the new scale heads and mapped to the profile created for the SM Platform™. 

Key Tasks & Milestones

  • Evaluate Plant Integration Options​
  • Hardware/Software POC​
  • Procurement and Installation of Hardware​
  • Installation of Platform on Premise​
  • Develop Workflows in SM Platform™​6. Develop UI​
  • Develop Integrations​
  • Systems Testing​
  • Systems Implementation​
  • Training​

Potential Impact

  • Complete visibility in production and efficiency ​
  • Framework created for future mobile app integration


  • A small, minority-owned manufacturer in Ohio employing 15 people will be able to stay competitive and evaluate the possibility of expansion. ​
  • A member systems integrator – Axiom Manufacturing Systems – first project within the CESMII community. ​
  • The SM Platform™ will be implemented, tested, stretched, and integrated by a competent team that wants to see the platform accelerate the democratization of Smart Manufacturing. ​
  • A scale profile will be created for use in the SM Platform™ ​
  • Framework that can be used by other member companies

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