Development and Application of a BorgConnect® Template for Implementation at Scale (BTFIS) in Small & Medium Manufacturers

Project Lead: 5G Technologies USA Ltd. 

Member % Cost Share: 50%
CESMII % Cost Share: 50%
Duration: 7 Months

Problem Statement

5G proposes to develop a standardized methodology for implementing BorgConnect® at scale to SMMs – a “BorgConnect® Template For implementation at Scale (BTFIS)” – comprising: (a) “Verticalized” SM profiles, (b) Automated Maturity Assessment, (c) Automated Workforce Training Assessment, (d) Multi-tenant Cloud Infrastructure, (e) Docker Images for Rapid Deployment; and (f) apply the template at scale in 30 SMMs across 3 manufacturing verticals (as proof of concept). The three proposed verticals are: Machine Shop, Die-Casting, and Stamping.

Project Goal

(a) To make implementation of the BorgConnect® Smart Manufacturing solution frictionless for multiple clusters of SMMs, (b) To improve the individual capabilities of the SMMs across the entire cluster with regards to optimization of planning, production and in the use of energy, and (c) To establish quantitative metrics for measuring the collective impact that can be created within a population of “connected SMMs”.

Technical Approach

The project will be executed in two phases. In Phase 1 (spanning a period of 4 months from kick-off), the design and development of BTFIS shall be undertaken. This phase will also comprise the seeking of: (a) partners such as academic institutions, SMICs, MEPs and/or consultants; and (b) 15 SMM users. In Phase 2 (which will span a period of 3 months from the completion of Phase 1), the developed template shall be implemented in the identified group of 15 SMMs.

Deliverables/Outcomes/SM Marketplace

To be listed at project completion.


Potential Impact

  • a)Business Growth: ‘Seeding’ of the BTFIS, learning of implementation challenges and push backs (if any),   methods to resolve these successfully, and quick proliferation of the technology to multiple SMMs.

    b)New Intellectual Property: The BTFIS shall comprise elements of new Foreground IP that has global potential, such as the Automated SMM Maturity Assessment and Business Outcomes recommendation, that has potential for use by other SMICs and CESMII members.

    c)SMM Competitive Advantage @ scale: Expected delivery of similar benefits as 5G’s prior Wipro project: (a)

    Improved efficiency in scheduling jobs based on real-time data, (b) Reduced response time to customer complaints, (c) Improved production-energy intensity, (d) Elimination of non-value-added-labor and the associated errors and omissions in maintaining paper records, and (e) Automatic measurement of KPIs.


    a) Roadmap Progress: The SMIP roadmap items, viz., making the Marketplace richer with solutions that can be consumed by CESMII members would be achieved.

    b) Democratization: One of CESMII’s most important pillars – the democratization of Smart Manufacturing – shall be demonstrated via implementation of BTFIS to 30 SMMs.

    c) Proliferation of SMMs: As mentioned above, this project will contribute to an increase in the participation of SMMs in the CESMII SMIP.

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