Eastec – A Manufacturing Technology Series Event

Eastern States Exposition West Springfield, MA, United States

Join Conrad Leiva, VP Ecosystem and Workforce Education, CESMII and Jim Wetzel, Co-founder, NxGen Group as they provide an educational workshop on Smart Manufacturing and why it is critically important to implement now to secure the future success of your manufacturing operations.  In this workshop, you will learn: The Competitive Need for Smart Manufacturing What […]

Smart Manufacturing Mindset™ | Think Differently: IT/OT Convergence

LinkedIn Live

In this webcast, CESMII VP of Technology, Jonathan Wise, Flexware’s Brent Mehringer, and Ace Technology’s Craig Egan join series host Mike Yost to explore how to learn from the past while embracing the future - with your people, your business, and your tech.

The Manufacturing Imperative: Delivering Profitability and Sustainability

The future of manufacturing will be driven by companies that are focused on sustainable manufacturing methodologies and actions which deliver significant profit margins. Many manufacturing companies have made commitments and initiated projects to deliver on sustainability goals. However, the outcomes of these projects must pass the NPV, IRR and ROI financial requirements.

Smart Manufacturing Mindset™ | Think Differently: AI in Manufacturing

LinkedIn Live

Join us as we explore a new way of thinking about AI, looking to harness its full potential and unlock unprecedented opportunities for manufacturers. We’ll explore how to optimize production processes, enhance quality, streamline supply chains, and drive overall operational excellence. Furthermore, we’ll examine the possibilities of human-AI collaboration, emphasizing AI as a collaborative partner to leverage its capabilities to augment human decision-making, enhance productivity, and foster innovation.