CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Summit 2021

Event Introduction: Smart Manufacturing Summit 2021

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 manufacturer or a small manufacturer, you know that Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation are still far too costly and complex. What you’ll see at CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Summit and annual Member Meeting is the outcome of several years of effort, investment, research and innovation – all focused on reducing the cost and complexity of Smart Manufacturing.

Department of Energy: Strategic National Support for Smart Manufacturing

The USA is working through its various agencies to support American Manufacturing. Manufacturing Institutes, especially CEMSII, are oriented to democratizing Smart Manufacturing, enabling new levels of energy efficiency, and the competitiveness of USA companies.


Industry Keynote: Unlocking the Strategic Value of Smart Manufacturing

Jeff Kent has learned what it takes to both build Smart Manufacturing solutions and what it takes to see them successfully deployed at scale – contributing significant value to P&G’s bottom line. In this keynote, he will share his insights, guidance and lessons learned on this Smart Manufacturing journey

12 Industry Leaders Sharing their Smart Manufacturing Insights

CESMII Keynote: A Vision for Manufacturing Leadership on a Global Stage

A more competitive manufacturing future demands a new approach. Our existing technologies, methodologies and cultures have brought us this far, but our productivity as a manufacturing nation has plateaued and declined over the past decade – a strong indicator that transformation isn’t just strategic, it’s a matter of survival. The 4th Industrial Revolution was supposed to herald that transformation, but it hasn’t yet materialized. Join us to see our progress in bringing this ecosystem together, to catalyze and accelerate the journey across the I3.0 to I4.0 chasm, to see Smart Manufacturing in action!

The Power of the Ecosystem at Work

This session highlights how CESMII, as a collaborative innovation institute, helps address Smart Manufacturing technology and workforce development needs of our stakeholders.  Guided by the roadmap, we will articulate how our co-funded, collaboratively developed initiatives lead to significant impact on throughput, quality, cost and energy productivity through Smart Manufacturing.  We will also highlight how we collaborate with other institutes, and how CESMII helps the DOE accomplish its mission.

A Manufacturing Executive’s Perspective on SM and CESMII’s Role Supporting it

Ken is Senior Director, Applied Technology and Innovation for Johnson & Johnson (J&J). In this role, he leads an enterprise-wide engineering organization supporting all segments of J&J.  He focuses on identifying, developing and implementing substantial and disruptive innovative technologies for the J&J Supply Chain.

Day One Recap: Audience Q&A with Jim Davis, John Dyck, Haresh Malkani and Ken Creasy

CESMII Keynote: A Network of National SM Innovation Centers – For You

CESMII is about network-of-networks that help drive the SM transformation, made possible by collaboration. At our very essence is bringing together individuals, organizations and technologies to create one greater good.  CESMII’s network-of-networks simultaneously drives reach on a national scale as well as targeted by industry verticals and technology horizontals.  This ‘reach’ is bidirectional as it enables the dissemination of CESMII’s service offerings to its national membership base and for providing the “voice of membership” back to CESMII.

CESMII Keynote: Solving Manufacturing’s Great Challenges Through Innovation (Technology Strategy and Roadmap Overview)

CESMII has a strong, diverse portfolio of Smart Manufacturing projects representing significant investment in technology and workforce development.  The portfolio includes projects covering enabling R&D, SM innovation, platform capability and workforce development.  We will provide a high-level overview of our funded initiatives and status of our project portfolio.  Selected project team leaders will share accomplishments, outcomes and expected benefits from their efforts.

CESMII Keynote: Tackling Smart Manufacturing Skills Gap in the Workforce

The U.S. is in a prime position to become a global leader in manufacturing thanks to several factors. However, we are facing several challenges to get there including the need for more skilled workers. Communities of all sizes are dependent on good paying manufacturing jobs. In this session we will discuss the competencies and skills required to help manufacturers achieve the higher level of productivity required to compete globally and reshore more jobs. We will discuss how CESMII’s ecosystem is helping develop and train the workforce with these skills.  

Featuring: Joe Cuiffi
Program Coordinator, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Program

Smart Manufacturing Interoperability and Harmonization Panel

Erich Barnstedt: Chief Architect, Standards & Consortia, Azure IoT

Stefan Hoppe: President, OPC Foundation

Arlen Nipper: President and CTO – Cirrus Link & Cofounder of MQTT

Russell Waddell: Managing Director, MTConnect

Andreas Faath: Managing Director, Machine Information Interoperability

John Dyck, Chief Executive Officer Presents:

Smart Manufacturing Interoperability from an Enterprise Perspective

Featuring: Federico Sciammarella, President and CTO

A Dialogue About How SM Technologies Enable Business Value

Featuring: Doug Lawson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer


6 AI/ML Leaders Share a Vision to Scale AI/ML in Manufacturing

CESMII Keynote: A Smart Manufacturing Demo Contrasting Industry 3.0 with Industry 4.0 Configuration

The SM Platform and SM Profile concepts are enjoying broad collaboration and adoption, leading to significant progress as they’re exercised by project teams, and evolved through the input of CESMII members and contributors. Come learn about some of the exciting steps forward we’re taking, and get a sneak peek of what we’re working on next. The session will include a demo of modern and open smart manufacturing technologies interoperating with the Platform.

DIY Demonstration: Low Cost, Low Complexity: Approaches to SM, enabled by CESMII Capabilities

Smart Manufacturing is difficult for small and medium manufacturers to afford. And perhaps more importantly, if they can afford it, do they have the expertise in-house to sustain it? The cost and complexity of most SM solutions today makes embarking on this journey a risky one. This DIY SM Demo will highlight how CESMII’s approach to democratizing SM (reducing cost & complexity to make it accessible for all) dramatically reduces your risk in getting started on this journey; how you can start small (without a significant capital outlay) and build it organically with your existing workforce, as they learn and grow with this system.

SM Innovation Platform Technology Training

Overview of Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform Technology Training

Getting Started with the SM Innovation Platform

Learn the basics of SM Platform technologies and concepts, including defining information models, connecting to data sources, visualizing, and analyzing data, and managing user and developer access. Open standards and common applications will be addressed throughout.

A Developer’s Guide to the SM Innovation Platform

Go to the next level by learning how to implement and develop smart manufacturing technologies, including adopting published information models, ingesting data sources programmatically, extending the SM Edge, extracting data into external analysis tools, and best practices for application development.

SM Business Practice Training: Take the First Step to a Smart Manufacturing Future

Smart Manufacturing is not about implementing new technology. It’s about aligning people, process, technology, and your business strategy to deliver specific business outcomes. This session is a hands-on workshop designed for manufacturers, of any size, to take the first step to your future state. In this session you will be guided through an assessment of your company.  The assessment will provide you with a clear view of your current state, and most importantly, suggested next steps you can take now to improve your business outcomes.  Come prepared to take this first step and ensure your company is on the path to success.

Featuring: CoFounders of NxGen Group – Jim Wetzel & Doug Caywood

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