The USA Needs a Resilient and Dynamic Supply Chain

The Manufacturing USA Institutes are working together for the creation of a “National Manufacturing Guard” designed to ensure a resilient and robust national supply chain and manufacturing base in the future.

National Manufacturing Guard Webinar


Kelvin Lee – Institute Director – NIIMBL
Chandra Brown – CEO – MxD
John Dyck – CEO – CESMII



In response to the dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on US manufacturing, including the challenges uncovered related to the security and responsiveness of manufacturing supply chains in our country, the CEOs of all 15 Manufacturing USA Institutes have created a decisive set of strategies and recommendations, including calling for the creation of a National Manufacturing Guard.

The Resilient Manufacturing Task Force Act, introduced in July by US Senators Coons and Rubio and US Representatives Stevens and Balderson, similarly addresses these challenges and seeks to “reinforce the US Supply Chain against future disruptions”.

COVID-19 Response & Recovery

Under the Institutes’ leadership, preeminent manufacturers in critical medical, food and consumer goods supply chains are contributing with leading technology providers and national political leaders on these efforts. Their input helped shape the creation of four specific initiatives that will enable us to learn from the recent past and ensure we’re aggressively working towards a much more resilient supply chain and manufacturing base in the future.  During this event, you will learn about the call for:

  1. The formation of a National Manufacturing Guard
  2. The establishment of a National Supply Chain Data Exchange
  3. The formation of a Technology Corps
  4. A Resilient Manufacturing Advisory Council