The needs to replace 1980’s-vintage automation systems and to capture business value from technologies such as the IIoT, cloud computing, machine learning, and data science are motivating ExxonMobil to introduce new technologies for its IT/OT platforms. Key characteristics of an improved platform include openness, interoperability, software portability, and security. A suitable platform to address these objectives and characteristics must enable collaboration among manufacturers, suppliers, and universities to develop and deploy innovative techniques, including an environment for rapid prototyping and development of proposed solutions. We believe that the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform exemplifies these desired features and could be a valuable component of the IT/OT architecture that ExxonMobil seeks.​

This talk highlights initiatives by ExxonMobil and other operating companies pertaining to improved IT/OT platforms. Part I will discuss the Open Process Automation Forum’s work to produce industry standards for an open, secure, interoperable process automation architecture. Part II will highlight an ExxonMobil initiative to incorporate modern data science techniques into automation and manufacturing support. Part III will summarize ExxonMobil’s expectations for the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform.​

Presenter: Erin Percell, Department Head, Advanced Applications, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering