Aerospace Affinity Group

Aerospace Affinity Group-Aerospace/Defense Systems Manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturing sectors within the United States and is critical to national defense. MissionThis Affinity Group will concentrate on systems and electronic assemblies' standards across multiple Aerospace/Defense platforms and utilization of SM to accelerate energy efficiencies, productivities and reduce waste throughout the manufacturing stream. These efforts […]


Small, Medium Manufacturers (SMM) Affinity Group

MissionTo accelerate the awareness and adoption of affordable smart solutions by small and medium-sized manufacturers enabling business improvements and profitable growth. VisionTo create a smart manufacturing environment for small and medium-sized manufacturers – and the ecosystem that serves them – that drives continuous improvement through the transfer of technology, knowledge sharing, and innovation.HostGroup Meeting Cadence: […]

SMIC Event (ATS): Inductive Automation Ignition Conference

Join hundreds of technologists at the 2023 Ignition Community Conference to grow your professional network, flatten learning curves, and elevate your skills. ICC gathers the industrial world’s brightest minds at one event, so attend in person and rub elbows with your colleagues or livestream all the sessions from wherever you are. Either way, you’ll see for yourself how Ignition helps you lift limitations and solve more problems than MacGyver with duct tape and some gum.

SMIC Event (NCSU): RISE 2023

RISE® is at the forefront of sustainable technologies and global innovations. Scientific leaders will deliver thought-provoking research and intelligence. Next-gen materials and applications will shape near- AND long-term product strategies. New solutions will help transform supply chains and legacy processes.

Technical Work Group: Call for Participants

Rockwell Automation 1201 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI

Industrial employers: Join SACA and CESMII to validate new nationally-recognized certifications for smart manufacturing!

SMIC Event (UCLA): Smart Manufacturing Symposium

UCLA Mong Auditorium, Engineering VI 404 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

Learn about the latest advances in Smart Manufacturing tools and technologies and their application to Aerospace and Chemical Industries    Hear from industry experts, faculty and students See computational demonstrations and tour state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing and chemicals production facilities  The symposium will be hosted at UCLA on Friday, September 29, 2023. Register (By September 20, 2023) There is no cost for […]