How is Smart Manufacturing Impacting Technology and Culture

Jake Hall, also known as The Manufacturing Millennial, interviewed CESMII CEO, John Dyck, along with four leaders from our newest CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers (SMICs) about what’s next in workforce development and how the democratization of Smart Manufacturing will support manufacturers on their journey. Jake Hall, The Manufacturing Millennial & John Dyck, CEO, CESMII Jake Hall and […]

Smart Manufacturing for All

In this conversation, we talked about democratizing smart manufacturing, the history and ambition of CESMII (2016-), bridging the skills gap in small and medium enterprises which constitute 98% of manufacturing. We discuss how the integration of advanced sensors, data, platforms and controls to radically impact manufacturing performance. We then have the hard discussion of why the US is (arguably) a laggard? John shares the 7 characteristics of future-proofing (interoperability, openness, sustainability, security, etc.). We hear about two coming initiatives: Smart Manufacturing Executive Council & Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform. We then turn to the future outlook over the next decade.

Transform Talks: Democratizing Smart Manufacturing

John Dyck is the CEO of CESMII, the Smart Manufacturing Institute. Prior to joining CESMII, John held senior leadership positions in large corporations like GE and Rockwell Automation. He was also effective in raising VC funding and building a successful software start-up called Activplant. In 2020 he was recognised by the Society of Manufacturing Engineering […]