Aerospace Affinity Group

Aerospace Affinity Group

This Affinity Group will concentrate on systems and electronic assemblies’ standards across multiple Aerospace/Defense platforms and utilization of SM to accelerate energy efficiencies, productivities and reduce waste throughout the manufacturing stream. These efforts will be critical elements of SM technologies such as smart sensors, data analytics, machine learning, connectivity, cybersecurity, digital engineering, in-process digital monitoring, and process control.

Aerospace Affinity Group-Aerospace/Defense Systems Manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturing sectors within the United States and is critical to national defense.

This Affinity Group will also integrate controls, models, and optimization methodologies for Aerospace/Defense Systems Manufacturing into the SM Platform™ and create testbeds to develop, integrate, validate, and demonstrate SM technologies for those processes.


Group Meeting Cadence: Occurs on the second Thursday of every month at 9:00 AM PST Co-Leaders: Marilee Wheaton, The Aerospace Corporation; Greg Colvin, Honeywell
Facilitators: Dale Turner, CESMII Support Lead: Michael Maziarz, CESMII
Admin Support: Tara Stewart, CESMII

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