Platform Industrie 4.0 and Partners Present at Hannover Fair

The digitalization of industry – Industrie 4.0 – is a global trend. Manufacturing companies find themselves in global value networks and thus need digital solutions that work across countries. International cooperation on different levels, from standardization to upskilling and sustainable technologies, is crucial for a successful transformation.

John Dyck, CESMII CEO, will be on a panel with other key stakeholders, discussing how we can accelerate the adoption of Smart Manufacturing / Industrie 4.0.  We will also be making an important announcement and sharing a position paper.

To watch the session, you need to Register for the Hanover Fair, and then attend the session.  We have a FREE Registration Code – rDYsV included in the link below.

Link to a FREE Registration

Link to Plattform Industry 4.0 Events (CESMII Participation in “Shaping Digital Ecosystems Globally”)