Litmus Awarded CESMII Smart Manufacturing Project

Litmus Awarded ProjectU.S. DOE dedicated $4M to fund projects that strengthen America’s manufacturing sector

May 5, 2021 – SAN JOSE – Litmus, the Intelligent Edge Computing company, today announced the company has been awarded a contract from CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute. CESMII issued a call for research and development projects to accelerate the adoption of Smart Manufacturing technologies and Litmus was chosen from a list of 28 RFP responses.

The Litmus project, titled, “Machine and Process Health Monitoring,” will connect Litmus Edge software to CNC machines at Bray International, a premier manufacturer of flow control and automation products and accessories. The project has three projected outcomes: create a smart manufacturing profile for a valve manufacturing CNC machine, expose KPIs to optimize Bray International maintenance routines, and expose KPIs to optimize Bray International machine uptime and part quality.

“Litmus was chosen from a large pool of RFPs because their project directly aligned with our specific areas of interest for applying smart manufacturing principles to real-world manufacturing processes and operations challenges,” said John Dyck, CEO, CESMII. “These projects are vital to a global transformation of the manufacturing industry and we look forward to working with Litmus and Bray International to see real progress in their productivity, performance, and maintenance initiatives.”

Litmus will deliver on the CESMII Innovation Project requirements to solve a challenging manufacturing use case for processes and equipment rapidly (approximately 3-6 months) in a cost-effective, re-usable, secure, scalable and repeatable manner. Litmus Edge is a flexible and scalable modern edge platform that collects data from any industrial asset, offers pre-built applications, KPIs and analytics, provides the ability to build and run custom applications, and integrates data with any cloud or enterprise system. The Litmus team is experienced in the use cases included in the proposal and will work directly with Bray International to connect all of their CNC machines to begin collecting valuable data immediately.

“We are thrilled our RFP was chosen by CESMII – our use case with Bray International aligns with their priorities to improve the manufacturing industry through digital transformation, and we help companies do that every day,” said Vatsal Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Litmus. “Through this project, Litmus and Bray will use the power of edge computing to calculate and improve Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), optimize maintenance routines, and better understand the causes of machine failure or quality issues. Our solution is built to implement and scale rapidly so Litmus Edge is perfect for this use case and we expect to show ROI in just a few months.”

CESMII is the United States’ national institute on Smart Manufacturing, driving cultural and technological transformation and secure industrial technologies as national imperatives. By enabling frictionless movement of information – raw and contextualized data – between real-time Operations and the people and systems that create value in and across Manufacturing organizations, CESMII is ensuring the power of information and innovation is at the fingertips of everyone who touches manufacturing.

Founded in 2016, in partnership with the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), CESMII is the third institute funded by EERE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office. The Institute is accelerating Smart Manufacturing adoption through the integration of advanced sensors, data (ingestion – contextualization – modeling – analytics), platforms and controls to radically impact manufacturing performance, through measurable improvements in areas such as: quality, throughput, costs/profitability, safety, asset reliability and energy productivity. CESMII’s program and administrative home is with the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Litmus enables out-of-the-box data collection, analytics, and management with an Intelligent Edge Computing Platform for IIoT. Litmus provides the solution to transform critical edge data into actionable intelligence that can power predictive maintenance, machine learning, and AI. Customers include 10+ Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, while partners like Siemens, HPE, Intel and SNC Lavalin expand the Company’s path to market. For more information visit


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