CESMII Annual Meeting Pivot

The Smart Manufacturing Event of 2021 is being impacted by new COVID and travel advisories.  As such, we would like to pivot from an In-person event to a 100% virtual event.  While we’ll miss the personal interaction, we can also take this opportunity to expand our content and deliver even more value to participants.

A new schedule is evolving below, and we will have a new registration page shortly.  Please stay tuned for details.

2021 Smart Manufacturing EventThis is the Smart Manufacturing Event You Shouldn’t Miss


Join us online, the first two weeks of November, for an event unlike any manufacturing event you’ve ever attended, as we demonstrate what it actually means to Democratize Smart Manufacturing.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 manufacturer or a small manufacturer, you know that Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation are still far too costly and complex. What you’ll see at CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Summit and annual Member Meeting is the outcome of several years of effort, investment, research and innovation – all focused on reducing the cost and complexity of Smart Manufacturing.




Smart Manufacturing Summit

You’ll see how our efforts deliver to drive Institute mandates:

  • 15% improvement in energy efficiency in manufacturing plants or of major processes within 5 years
  • 50% reduction in cost and time to deploy SM into existing processes within 5 years
  • Significant industry adoption of SM technology within 5 years
  • 50% improvement in energy productivity within 10 years

For members, our annual meeting is an opportunity to hear from the industry’s leading innovators and see the current status of CESMII’s initiatives.


Not a member yet?

This meeting is free to you and others in your organization.  This is your chance to begin the journey, make the decision to accelerate your company ahead of your competition by leveraging the Smart Manufacturing techniques and technologies that are CESMII.


Smart Manufacturing Summit Presentations Schedule


Tuesday November 2nd,  11:00 – 1:00 EST and 2:00 – 4:00 EST


Smart Manufacturing Summit – State of the Industry


SM Summit Kickoff 

  • John Dyck, Chief Executive Officer – CESMII

Department of Energy – Strategic National Support for Smart Manufacturing

  • TBD – DOE

 Industry Keynote: The Strategic Value of Smart Manufacturing

  • Jeff Kent, Vice President of Smart Platforms Technology and Innovation – Procter & Gamble

 12 Industry Leaders Sharing their Smart Manufacturing Insights

  • Crystal Taton, Digital Factory Manager – Raytheon
  • Joe Sanguinetti, Global Technical Services | Technical Leader – General Mills
  • Jesus Flores, Associate Director – R&D, Digital, & Operations – Linde
  • Ken Creasy, Senior Director, Manufacturing Technology & Innovation and Advanced Engineering – Johnson & Johnson
  • Marcelo Carugo, Vice President, Global Hydrocarbons and Chemicals Programs –Emerson
  • Mark Besser, Senior Vice President Customer Success – Symphony Industrial AI
  • Scott Whitlock, President/CEO – Flexware Innovation
  • Aaron Muhl, President – Toward Zero
  • Amit Lopes, Assistant Professor, Master of Science in Systems Engineering – UT El Paso
  • Gilad Langer, Industry Practice Lead – Tulip
  • Matt Wells, Vice President Digital Product Management – GE
  • Michelle Pastel, Senior Manager, Manufacturing 4.0 – Corning


Break – 1 Hour


CESMII Keynote: A Vision for Manufacturing Leadership on a Global Stage

  • John Dyck, Chief Executive Officer – CESMII
  • Henning Banthien, Secretary General – Plattform Industrie 4.0
  • SME Executive – SME

 CESMII – The Power of the Ecosystem At Work

  • Haresh Malkani, Chief Technology Officer – CESMII
  • Howard Grimes, Chief Executive Officer – CyManII

Manufacturer’s Perspective on SM and CESMII’s Role Supporting it

  • Ken Creasy, Johnson & Johnson and Chairman of the CESMII Board of Directors

Audience Q&A

  • Jim Davis, John Dyck, Haresh Malkani, Ken Creasy

Presenting Companies:

Day 1 Presentations

Thursday November 4th,  11:00 – 1:00 EST and 2:00 – 4:00 EST


Smart Manufacturing Summit Presentations on Ecosystem and Education

CESMII Keynote: A Network of National SM Innovation Centers (SMIC) – For You

  • Howard Goldberg, Chief Operations Officer – CESMII 

 7 SMIC Leaders Present SMIC Overview

  • NCSU SMIC, Yuan-Shin Lee and Paul Cohen
  • RPI SMIC, Craig Dory
  • UCLA SMIC, Jim Davis
  • Penn State SMIC, Sherri McCleary
  • Purdue SMIC, Ragu Athinarayanan
  • CWRU SMIC, Nick Barendt
  • Feyen Zylstra (FZ) SMIC, Ryan Cahalane and John Keyes

 Audience Q&A

  • Howard Goldberg, Conrad Leiva and SMIC Leaders

Break – 1 Hour

CESMII Keynote: Solving Manufacturing’s Great Challenges Through Innovation (Technology Strategy and Roadmap Overview)

  • Haresh Malkani, Chief Technology Officer – CESMII

 Technology Investment & Outcomes

  • Bernard Chukwulebe, Group Manager, Processing and Control & Digital Transformation Leader at Global R&D – ArcelorMittal
  • Juan Tabares, Research and Development Analyst – Argos
  • Greg Colvin, Technical Fellow – Honeywell
  • Tyson Foods, TBD & Doug Lawson, CEO – ThinkIQ
  • South Bay Solutions, TBD & Rob Schoenthaler, CEO – Atollogy

 Audience Q&A

  • Haresh Malkani and Project Teams

 CESMII Keynote: Tackling Smart Manufacturing Skills Gap in the Workforce

  • Conrad Leiva, Director Ecosystem and Workforce Education – CESMII

 Technology Investment & Outcomes

  • Joe Cuiffi, Assistant Teaching Professor, EMET Program Coordinator – Penn State

 Audience Q&A

  • Conrad Leiva and Joe Cuiffi


Tuesday November 9th,  11:00 – 1:00 EST and 2:00 – 4:00 EST


The Value of Smart Manufacturing for the Democratization of Technology

SM Interoperability and Harmonization Panel

  • Facilitator: Jonathan Wise, VP and Chief Technology Architect – CESMII
  • Plattform Industrie 4.0: Erich Barnstedt, Chief Architect, Standards & Consortia, Azure IoT – Microsoft
  • OPC Foundation: Stefan Hoppe, President – OPC Foundation
  • MQTT + Sparkplug/B: Arlen Nipper, President and CTO – Cirrus Link & Cofounder of MQTT
  • MTConnect: Russell Waddell, Managing Director – MTConnect Institute
  • VDMA: Andreas Faath, Head Industrial Interoperability – VDMA

Audience Q&A

SM Interoperability from an Enterprise Perspective

  • John Dyck, Chief Executive Officer – CESMII
  • Federico Sciammarella, President & CTO – MxD

5 AI/ML Leaders Share a Vision to Scale AI/ML in Manufacturing 

  • Jim Davis, Vice Provost IT Office of Advanced Research Computing & Program Lead – UCLA/CESMII
  • Nikunj Mehta, Founder & CEO – Falkonry
  • John Sobel, CoFounder & CEO – Sight Machine
  • Dominic Gallello, Chief Executive Officer – Symphony Industrial AI
  • Nathan Lasnoski, Chief Technology Officer – Concurrency


Break – 30 Minutes


Demonstrating CESMII’s Technology in Action: A Smart Manufacturing Demo, contrasting Industry 3.0 with Industry 4.0 configuration

  • Jonathan Wise, VP and Chief Technology Architect – CESMII
  • SM Team

DIY SM Demonstration – Low Cost, Low Complexity: A Smart Manufacturing Demo, highlighting low cost & low complexity approaches to SM, enabled by CESMII capabilities

  • Jonathan Wise, VP and Chief Technology Architect – CESMII
  • SM Team

Audience Q&A

  • Jonathan Wise & Team


AI and ML Presenting Companies:

Wednesday November 10th,  11:00 – 1:00 EST and 2:00 – 4:00 EST


Smart Manufacturing Training

SM Innovation Platform Technology Training: Getting Started with the SM Innovation Platform

  • Jonathan Wise & team

SM Innovation Platform Technology Training: A Developer’s Guide to the SM Innovation Platform

  • Jonathan Wise & Team

Audience Q&A

Break – 30 Minutes

SM Business Practice Training: Take the First Step to a Smart Manufacturing Future

  • Conrad Leiva, Director Ecosystem and Workforce Education – CESMII
  • Jim Wetzel, CoFounder – NxGen Group
  • Doug Caywood, CoFounder – NxGen Group

Audience Q&A

SM Business Practice Training: Future Proof and Maximize the Value of Smart Manufacturing Solutions

  • Conrad Leiva, Director Ecosystem and Workforce Education – CESMII

Audience Q&A


Our ecosystem is inclusive by design,
and everyone has a role to play.
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