This 6 degrees webinar is all about the vision for 2021. We cover what we see as areas of focus. Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 are maturing, and companies and their workforce are beginning to see the benefits. That will spur greater investments going forward. We see greater investment in Digital Twins, and the platform and profiles will make that even easier. Platforms will coalesce over time, not likely to one, but to the best few. There will be a renewed interest in digital infrastructure, spurred by a greater need to support a remote workforce and the development of a more resilient supply chain. System Integrators have a dilemma, how to become more productive, when the vast quantity of small and medium manufacturers begin their journey towards Smart Manufacturing. Our solution is the Smart Manufacturing Platform. We also see 2021 as a year with a major focus on the workforce. From connecting them to empowering them with new analytics and tools for productivity. Those are just some of the topics in this webinar.