Jonathan Wise

Vice President of Technology

Jonathan Wise was appointed the Vice President of Technology of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) in July of 2019. Mr. Wise boasts an impressive background, strongly aligned to CESMII’s vision and efforts, developed through roles with industry leaders, like Rockwell, Amazon, Microsoft, GE and Activplant. He is a key member of the senior leadership team, reporting to CESMII’s Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Wise possesses a unique and very valuable combination of integrated OT/IT (Operations/Information Technology) experience. While at Rockwell, he led product development for automatic discovery of industrial devices and data, as well as embedded industrial analytics, both key elements of CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Platform™ deliverables. He was a software development leader for both GE Fanuc’s Proficy Production Management Software business and Manufacturing Intelligence-pioneer Activplant Corporation. Those leadership experiences were further sharpened through his role as a cloud platform evangelist with Microsoft and the product management experience he gained on Amazon’s digital device team.

Commenting on the addition of Mr. Wise to the leadership team, CESMII’s Chief Technology Officer, Haresh Malkani commented, “The integration of Operations Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT) is central to accomplishing CESMII’s mission to democratize Smart Manufacturing Technology through our collaborative platform. Jonathan brings a unique combination of technical expertise and leadership experience to our team where he will spearhead the development and execution of our platform strategy – a critical part of bringing value to our members and U.S. manufacturers of all sizes.”