John Louka

Application Engineer

Louka is an application engineer at CESMII who works closely with Business Development to expand the CESMII ecosystem memberships’ knowledge and application of SM Platform technologies. He is a key point of contact for CESMII members looking for guidance on best practices for connectivity, information modeling, data access, and orchestration of multiple components.

Louka joins CESMII from Rockwell Automation, where he most recently worked as lead architect on a state-of-the-art manufacturing line, leveraging technologies such as AR/VR Training, Virtual Commissioning, Real Time CFD simulations and Closed Loop Control Machine Learning Algorithms.

Louka holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from McMaster University in Canada. He is a graduate of Rockwell Automation’s prestigious Engineer-In-Training Program where he triple specialized in VFDs, Motion Control and Industrial Ethernet networks. This has enabled him to build a strong foundation and a deep understanding of problems facing today’s industry.