David Corcio

Membership Manager

As the Institute’s Membership Manager, I have worked with industry partners across the nation to realize value-add opportunities for collaboration. I have developed partnerships across the nation and represented the voice of the customer to help drive CESMII’s value and benefits to its membership-base.

Prior to joining CESMII, I have worked as a manager / supervisor in various different business areas such as accounting, operations, production, and finance. From my first job as a Quality Insurance Inspector to my last role as an accounting supervisor, I have continually grown as a leader and developed the skills necessary to handle the responsibilities in my current position.

Additionally, I have previously worked in a start-up setting as an Operations Manager, so I experience working in a fast-paced setting that requires wearing as many “hats” as necessary to get the job done. As part of this challenging experience, I have discovered that your organization is only as good as the team that is running it; but fortunately for us at CESMII, we have a wonderful tightly-knit group that encourages one another and promotes collaboration between all of our team members. It is this this cohesive atmosphere that has resulted in our institute’s overall success, with even more accomplishments projected in the near future.