There are Four Pillars to CESMII’s Strategy  for the democratization of Smart Manufacturing (SM).  They are; SM Ecosystem Integration – The ability to leverage our Network of Networks, SM Enabling Technologies – Leveraging the Solutions CESMII has funded for some of industry’s most challenging problems, SM Education – the tools and skills you need to enable and sustain your Digital Transformation and the SM Innovation Platform – Technology Specifications and an example for industry to follow, to achieve Industrial Plug and Play.


CESMII Smart Manufacturing (SM) Education Plan


Education Mission

Support the national manufacturing learning infrastructure with the development of educational resources on Smart Manufacturing (SM) education for SM Manufacturing Leaders, SM Professionals and SM Skilled Workforce in support of CESMII’s goal of broad-scale SM innovation adoption in the nation.

For education plan purposes, we group the target audience and students for SM education into three general categories

  • SM Manufacturing Leaders including students and business leaders that need to understand technology-enabled operating modes and need to justify the investment to the innovation champions and the consultants that help executives.
  • SM Professionals including the OT/IT architects designing and implementing SM solutions, systems integrators connecting data sources like sensors and production equipment to SM solutions and the enterprise IT infrastructure, and machine designers that need to support the required information models and connectivity methods for their equipment.
  • SM Skilled Workforce including students and existing workforce in a range of manufacturing careers from process engineers, to technicians, and operators that need to understand how to leverage the SM produced insights and capabilities in their daily jobs.

The collection of the three audiences above will also be referred to as the CESMII Smart Manufacturing ecosystem in this document.

Education Objectives

To support CESMII’s institute goals and the education mission as stated above, CESMII has established the following Education Objectives and targets:

  • Achieve widespread understanding of SM terminology, practices, key SM technologies and methodologies, SM Innovation Platform (SMIP) and SM Profiles practices among our target audience especially SM professionals.  Clarity helps focus and promotes collaboration in the ecosystem. Short term target is to develop four CESMII courses on these topics for 2021.
  • Enhance the capabilities of the future workforce with SM transformation skill sets for staffs manufacturing leaders and SM skilled workforce.  Short term target is to reach 3000 people with SM education in 2021.
  • Provide a knowledgebase and repository of SM educational resources to support a network of SM educators with SM educational resources that they can leverage in their curricula.
  • Develop Education Content to support continuous learning programs on SM skills for our target audience that are paced with changing business, technology, and organization practices. See Content Strategy below for more details on the scope of the content needed to cover SM skill requirements.  Long term target is to develop a credential/education program for SM Professionals to continuously upgrade their SM related skills as needed. These courses will be available to upskill people through CESMII and the SM educator network without a requirement for a full 2 or 4-year program commitment.

To achieve these important CESMII objectives for education and serve our members, CESMII is pursuing the following in the education plan:

  • Relevant high quality SM educational content
  • Infrastructure to deliver online education
  • Network of educators equipped with SM educational tools
  • Regional education centers equipped for SM education

Education Plan Activities

Relevant high quality SM educational content – CESMII is addressing the needs of multiple audiences for a wide range of education needs, from the resources needed to support business leaders interested in innovation to the technical guidance needed by SM professionals implementing SM solutions and the SM skills needed by the workforce to run and maintain the new processes and systems enabled through SM solutions.

To provide wide-ranging coverage on all these different content areas, CESMII will not only be developing resources but also pursuing license agreements to make available classes and resources from partners (3rd Party) to CESMII members. Especially for topics that are well covered by a third party. CESMII will focus on developing content in the areas where we see the most gaps. The area between the advice on business strategy from consultants and the technical documentation from hardware and software vendors—the “how” of threading technologies and applications together to achieve a Smart Manufacturing solution landscape that enables new business strategies and higher levels of resource and energy productivity for manufacturers.

To achieve levels of coverage of educational content, different depth levels for different audiences, CESMII is developing resources including articles, presentations, case studies, on-demand eLearning courses, course materials and hands-on “kits” with hardware and software tools for instructor-led education.

Learning Systems – Demonstration Platforms.  In addition to educational resources and content for SM classes, CESMII is creating tools to assist, not only the large, but also the small and medium size manufacturers (SMMs) in assessing SM needs for the business and justifying SM projects—tools that consultants in the CESMII ecosystem will leverage to get the SMMs started on the SM journey. SM Business Transformation Tools will include assessments, and templates for roadmaps and justification to help manufacturers accelerate their technology adoption and implementation initiatives. These tools will be targeted at helping small and medium manufacturers (SMMs) get started and achieve practical milestones towards their SM journey. But the SMMs will not only need tools, they will also need the support of a Network of CESMII Recognized Service Providers (consultants and system integrators) to help them get started on their SM journey.  CESMII will establish an upskilling program to encourage and facilitate upskilling of these service providers on SM, SM Profile, and SMIP skills.

Infrastructure to Deliver Online Education

The CESMII Member Knowledge Portal provides on online catalog of SM knowledge resources organized for easy exploration and search by CESMII members. Resources include educational articles, papers and videos either produced by CESMII or partners in the CESMII ecosystem. In addition to developing resources, like CESMII’s Knowledge Sharing Web Series, CESMII is pursuing licensing agreements with partners to allow access to CESMII members to a broader range of resources.

Member Link to Knowledge Portal

CESMII is implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) to provide self-paced eLearning Modules for introductory and intermediate level SM education including topics like SM Principles, SMIP and machine learning in manufacturing. Some of these courses will be developed by CESMII, but CESMII will also pursue licensing of partner SCORM modules and establish royalty agreements to leverage existing partner education that is aligned with CESMII’s Education Content Strategy.

If you are an employee of a CESMII member company, please contact us for access to Knowledge Portal via email to 

Network of Educators Equipped with SM Educational Tools

The CESMII education plan also calls for Instructor-Led Education which is the most popular type of technical education when combined with hands-on learning activities. CESMII will develop a small number of trainers for education on SM and SMIP fundamentals, but the greater scope of the Education Content Strategy will require the network of partner educators that are delivering SM education at a national scale through their own organizations. CESMII offers a Catalog of CESMII Recognized SM Education options from the educator network available through the website.

CESMII’s SM Integrated Ecosystem includes a national SM Educator Network engaged in SM education innovation including the development of SM curriculum and SM technology equipped labs for hands-on training. Key representatives from this network are engaged through CESMII’s Education Committee in validating, prioritizing and executing the CESMII education plan including participating in CESMII co-funded Education Projects.

Regional Education Centers Equipped for Smart Manufacturing Education

CESMII’s direct instructor-led education will be offered through the network of SM Innovation Centers (SMICs) and the CESMII headquarters at LA City College (LACC) where CESMII is setting up a Smart Maker Space equipped with demonstrators and SM Learning Systems like the PSU-MIT extrusion machine with curriculum developed around it through a CESMII funded education project.

In addition to headquarters, CESMII has a National SMIC Network of centers equipped for SM education.

CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers

The SMIC network provides CESMII a national footprint and enables CESMII to engage manufacturing and supply chains where they are. The objective of the SMIC is to link manufacturers, industrial technology vendors, systems integrators, equipment providers and academia to promote the demonstration and driving of research and innovation that scales to all of US manufacturing.

CESMII’s national Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center (SMIC) program further supports its network-of-networks strategy to make Smart Manufacturing readily available and accessible throughout the nation. The SMICs help CESMII seamlessly provide the CESMII service offerings to its membership, enhancing CESMII member access to institute-developed technologies, training, and hands-on demonstrations of SM Innovation Platform™.


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