CESMII's Mission 

Enable Smart Manufacturing to become the driving, sustainable engine that delivers real-time business improvements in U.S. Manufacturing. CESMII enables rapid technology adoption to increase productivity, job growth, energy efficiency, safety and time to market for companies of all sizes. 


Phased Implementation Approach

Provide new capacity and capability to apply advanced sensing, control and modeling

              Train & Educate

              Train & Educate

              Test & Evaluate

              Test & Evaluate

          Develop & Validate

          Develop & Validate

     Deploy & Commercialize

     Deploy & Commercialize


Broad Impact

  • Grow profits faster through global competitiveness and customer satisfaction

  • Improve access and use of data vertically and horizontally across the enterprise

  • Reduce the amount of time and resources to reach the organizations objectives

  • Optimize existing assets through improved energy efficiency, modeling and agility

  • Improve safety and environmental objectives


Market Verticals

Integrated advanced sensors, controls, platforms and modeling makes
Smart Manufacturing possible.

Driving Smart Manufacturing Adoption

The Institute's INDUSTRY-DRIVEN ecosystem uses an integrated approach of advanced sensors, controls, platforms, and modeling across a diverse portfolio of projects to achieve critical mass for widespread SM adoption and industry driven transformation. 

CESMII will accomplish its goals through integrating a portfolio of Institute Testbeds, Application Projects, services, and training enabled by the SM Platform™ and Marketplace infrastructure.

CESMII teams across the U.S. interlink to address local and national opportunities and problems. Leveraging the diversity of on-demand resources, expertise, and capabilities within and across regions, creates a powerful force of on the ground innovation, technology transfer and workforce development.

The   national network   contributes a diverse portfolio of test beds, energy-related and workforce objectives.

The national network contributes a diverse portfolio of test beds, energy-related and workforce objectives.

“A key CESMII goal is to move beyond “one-off” solutions and provide the US manufacturing industry and its workforce with the ability to continually modernize, innovate and adopt disruptive approaches through agility knitting and orchestrating legacy assets with ever evolving advance cyber and physical capabilities. Key building blocks will be access to affordable, ruggedized and agile infrastructure, sensors, controls and modeling technologies breaking barriers to past impediments to interoperability, risk reduction, and performance optimization.”
— Denise Swink, SMLC CEO