Smart Manufacturing Videos


Learn from Industry why Smart Manufacturing, and CESMII's charter is critical to today's landscape and what industry is doing to move forward.  These presentations were from the CESMII Kickoff Meeting in February. 

General Mills: A connected Enterprise (10.18s)

Keynote: Jim Wetzel, SMLC's Chairman and the Director of Global Reliability at General Mills

Learn why Smart Manufacturing is critical to General Mills' business and how industry challenges are applicable across-sectors. Smart Manufacturing can create value, turn insights into new opportunities, unlock productivity, accelerate growth and build consumer trust. Jim Wetzel describes how a connected enterprise and supply chain matters in making gluten-free cheerios.


Corning’s Journey to Smart (39.10s)

Keynote Speaker: Michelle Pastel,  SMLC's Secretary and Manager of Technology and Engineering Development at Corning

Learn how Corning started its journey in Smart Manufacturing and why it became a part of their company’s strategic directions. What value does Corning foresee through the strength of a collaboration to further its mission via Smart Manufacturing? Watch the full video or sections. 


Know Smart (8.17s)

Addressing Barriers to Smart (3.48s)

Work Smart Corning SM Testbed (12.30s)

Play Smart (9.26s)