PROJECT LEAD: University of Texas at El Paso

PARTNERS: Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC), Becton Dickinson and Company, Schneider Electric, Workforce Solutions Borderplex, Delfingen, Keats

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Need to align reconfiguring factories with engineering colleges and technical schools that develop a new SM curriculum to better prepare graduates underrepresented groups for a SM work environment.

PROJECT GOAL: To create a SM curriculum and certificate program to attract and grow a SM educated workforce, particularly across a minority group (Hispanic), to help achieve the CESMII goal of ‘participation of underrepresented groups’ in the institute.

TECHNICAL APPROACH: To develop a SM educated Hispanic workforce this proposal will leverage a regional industry, government, and academia partnership for addressing the SM competency based needs to produce a technical workforce with the necessary skill set to implement SM


  • Task 1: Development of Smart Manufacturing Curriculum
    • Lab installation
    • Develop SM curriculum
    • Program Approval from UTEP COE
  • Task 2: Deployment of Smart Manufacturing
    • Promote SM Curiiculum and Certificate Program within UTEP COE
    • Work with Workforce Solutions Borderplex for SM program outreach
    • Offer SM certificate courses to registered participants
    • Validate competencies using participation in industry projects
  • Task 3: Industry Collaborations and Competencies Validation
    • Work with Borderplex Alliance to engage a SM relevant industry consortium
    • Identify potential use cases for performing SM related research
    • Develop Industry Relevant solutions through the SMI lab
    • Deploy solutions at Industry partner locations


Metrics and Expected Outcomes:

  • Courses developed: 5
  • # of Seminars, Workshops, Conference: 5, 2, 1
  • Expected Outreach – Engineering Students: 800
  • Outreach K-12 – UTEPEXCITES: 100
  • SM Courses – Registered Students: 125
  • SM Certificate Students: 25
  • Industry Use Cases Researched: 4
  • Industry Partners Outreach: 20


  • Increase number of SM trained engineers
  • Increase Industry deployment through hands-on exemplar use cases research
  • Increase SM educated workforce to address future manufacturing needs
  • Increase SM supply chain by active promotion and outreach in the region
Member % Cost Share CESMII % Cost Share Duration
50.02% 49.98% 12 Months


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