2nd Round of Innovation Projects (RFP2 - Wave 4)

 Creating Solutions to Manufacturing Problems through the use of CESMII Technologies

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CESMII Announces Request for Proposals (RFP 2 - Wave 4, Round 2) for Roadmap Projects 


This RFP will focus on:

Innovation Projects are designed to rapidly develop solutions to solve challenging manufacturing use cases for processes and equipment relevant for CESMII's membership. Projects must bring value rapidly (approximately 3-6 months) and will be executed in an agile manner by an interdisciplinary team led by a manufacturer. The project team will collaborate and develop a solution that includes information models (SM Profiles) and applications necessary to solve the use case.


Project Details


Up to $4.0M ($2M Federal and $2M cost share) is available for this RFP. Funding for each SM Innovation Project must not exceed $200K (Federal + cost share).

Below is available documentation to learn more about the goals of CESMII, Areas of Interest and process and deadlines for this RFP.

Proposal Submissions: SM Innovation Projects Round 2

Informational Webinar Dates - RFP2 Wave 4, Round 2:

Two (2) Informational Webinars will be hosted on the dates below. Each webinar will run for sixty (60) minutes.  The first Webinar is an overview of Innovation Projects and will go into the specifics of this round.  The second webinar is a deep dive into the RFP Process for this round, how to create a proposal and apply.  It is recommended that attendees sign up for both webinars.

Please sign up for BOTH Webinars:


Download the files below for all information on RFP2 and templates required to successfully submit a proposal.

Questions And Answers:

Request for Proposal Wave 4, Round 2 Questions & Answers


Webinar - Overview of Innovation Projects, Purpose, and Funding

 PowerPoint - Overview of Innovation Projects, Purpose, and Funding

Webinar - Overview of Innovation Projects, Proposal Process Deep Dive

 PowerPoint - Overview of Innovation Projects, Proposal Process Deep Dive






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