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Regional Manufacturing Centers

CESMII will leverage a national footprint of diverse industry, workforce organizations known as Regional Manufacturing Centers (RMCs). All RMCs collaborate across the network on development of smart manufacturing technologies, cross-sector application areas, energy sustainability, economic development and workforce development goals to accelerate and enhance nation-wide impact. This cross linking environment extends existing capabilities across the network and provides cross-pollination of ideas and lessons learned by market and region. RMCs provide a wide range of consultation, training and support services at the host and partner facilities in other states.

Western REGION

  • Hosted at University of Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA

  • SM satellite workshop and training centers at key distributed locations

  • RMC Director: Dale Turner

  • dale.turner@cesmii.org | dturner@oit.ucla.edu

  • (310) 502-2301

  • wrmc@cesmii.org

Southern region

  • Hosted at the Texas A&M Energy Institute – College Station, TX

  • Co-located with the RAPID Modular Process Intensification Institute

  • RMC Director: Dean Schneider

  • dean.Schneider@cesmii.org | d-Schneider@tamu.edu

  • (979) 458-0251

  • srmc@cesmii.org

southern Satellite office

  • Hosted at North Carolina State University (NCSU) – Raleigh, NC

  • Located at office spaces at NCSU and Savannah River National Lab (SRNL)

  • Senior Regional Advisor: Phillip R. Westmoreland

  • phil.westmoreland@cesmii.org | prwestmo@ncsu.edu

  • (413) 320-7962

  • srmc@cesmii.org

northern REGION

  • Hosted at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) – Troy, NY

  • Located at the Rensselaer Tech Park and on the RPI campus in the George M. Low Center for Industrial Innovation in partnership with Center for Automation Technologies and Systems (CATS)

  • RMC Director: Craig Dory

  • craig.dory@cesmii.org | doryc@rpi.edu

  • (518) 727-5887

  • nrmc@cesmii.org