Regional Manufacturing Center Services

The CESMII Network

  1. CESMII:  A nationwide network of companies and institutions
  2. Brings the power of the network to our members where they are and when they need it

Providing access to:

  • Technologies
  • Business Practices
  • Connectivity
  • Workforce development

Extended Services

  1. Advanced implementation training
    • Needs Assessment 
    • Plant Status Assessment
    • OT/IT Architecture Development
    • Systems Orchestration
  2. Service-Level Agreements for SM Platform™ and SM Marketplace™ licenses
    • R&D and Production Levels depending on membership grade
    • Bring your own license
  3. Toolkit development and product exposure
    • Assistance in configurations 
    • "Productization" of algorithms for implementation
  4. Commercialization planning
    • Bringing products to the SM Marketplace™
    • Compliance and V&V
  5. Testbed implementation planning, design, and integration
    • Development of testbed infrastructures to identify and fill technology and operational gaps
  6. Smart Manufacturing Certifications
    • Personnel, product, and hardware/software systems


Basic Services:

  • Introductory training curriculum to include primers on Smart Manufacturing, Platform, Testbed and Business Case Development. Curriculum offerings subject to change.
  • Institute communications: access to SM concepts, knowledge, resources, reports, and Institute intranet
  • Forums for networking and sharing: Access to meetings, events, and workshops
  • Network and build relationships
  • Growth opportunities through SM business, markets, and skills

Advanced Services:

  • Intermediate-level training curriculum to include Smart Manufacturing Platform™, Train-the-Trainer, Platform Evaluation, and Proposal Development. Curriculum offerings subject to change.
  • Product exposure to provide members with access to product information (for applications, toolkits, etc.) across the Institute
  • Testbed consultation, workshops, and non-proprietary testbed and project information
  • Access to and training on SM Platform™ for evaluation and demonstration