Work Cell Simulator and Scenarios for Teaching Smart Manufacturing Through Operations Applications

Project Lead: Tulip Interfaces

Member % Cost Share: 50%
CESMII % Cost Share: 50%
Duration: 8 Months

Problem Statement

Workers in manufacturing are increasingly expected to have competency with basic Smart Manufacturing concepts, frameworks, and technologies. A lack of alignment between manufacturers, educational institutions, and technology vendors, however, has made it difficult to prepare students with the skills they need to be successful.

Project Goal

Produce a set of hands-on, role-based educational resources that introduce students to Smart Manufacturing concepts, (IoT, no code app development, edge devices, and real-time data) while practicing on scenarios and problems they’ll encounter on the job.

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Technical Approach

Develop a model work cell simulator made of operations applications, as well as scenario-based app building exercises, to train students in Smart Manufacturing using SM tools and concepts.

Key Tasks & Milestones

  • Design simulator content with CESMII Education Partners
  • Develop and build workcell simulator module
  • Develop and build app building scenario exercises
  • Package content for distribution via Tulip instances and Tulip Library
  • Deliver content

Potential Impact

Curricula that teach Smart Manufacturing have the potential to increase the number of students placed in good manufacturing jobs, and help a skills gap that contributes to manufacturing’s ongoing labor shortage. Impacts include time-to-job for trained students, longer tenure, better career mobility, and ultimately a more productive, technological empowered workforce.


A cutting-edge Smart Manufacturing curriculum ready for distribution to all education partners and innovation hubs; full access to the Tulip Platform for CESMII and all participating education partners; ability to adapt or reconfigure all delivered content for future educational initiatives.

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