August 5, 2017


Dear SMLC Members and CESMII Partners,

On behalf of the CESMII Interim Governance Board and the SMLC, Jim Wetzel will assume the role of Interim CEO of CESMII until further notice. We thank Jim for contributing his time, expertise, and energy to CESMII. Many of you know Jim and have interacted with him over the past decade within SMLC and beyond. He is recognized for his exemplary Smart Manufacturing thought leadership and has been working for all in industry as well as for his own company, General Mills Incorporated. The SMLC's commitment to CESMII in partnership with EERE/DOE remains strong and we look forward to working with you to carry out its mission.



Denise Swink - CEO, SMLC

SMLC Michelle Pastel- SMLC Board Secretary and CESMII Interim Governance Board