Model Subagreement

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The objective of this Subrecipient Agreement is to support the establishment of a Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (“Institute” or “CESMII”) that will support U.S. prosperity and security; significantly advance manufacturing within the U.S.; and contribute to the creation of the Manufacturing USA network. The vision for this Institute and other Institutes within the network is to help revitalize American manufacturing and support domestic manufacturing competitiveness.

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CESMII Reporting Requirements Checklist for Subrecipients.

Reports will be delivered directly to CESMII. Specific instructions will be provided by the CESMII Contracts Manager after award. 

Every quarter, the Subrecipient is required to submit a Research Performance Progress Report for the project – i.e., the entirety of work performed by the Subrecipients, its subrecipients and contractors. The Research Performance Progress Report must include the following information.
Submission deadline:
Within 15 calendar days after the end of the quarterly reporting period (January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15)

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Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition Intellectual Property Provisions (CDLB-115) Cooperative Agreement - Special Data Statute Research, Development, or Demonstration
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