Mike Yost

Outreach Advisor

Mike Yost brings over 30 years of industrial, commercial and management experience to his senior leadership role as CESMII Outreach Advisor.  Prior to CESMII, he spent the previous 8 years leading MESA International, a global, not-for-profit industry association, to help manufacturers make sense out of the role and value of Smart Manufacturing in their Production Operations and across their enterprise. 

A proven industry executive, Mike has held various leadership roles in automation and industrial software businesses, including GE’s Proficy Software business, Activplant Corporation and Rockwell Automation. He co-founded Bennit Inc. in 2016 to address a gap in the IIoT marketplace – namely, the lack of solutions directly empowering manufacturing workers (operational and leadership). 

Mike has specialized in the Smart Manufacturing, Manufacturing Execution (MES), Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) and Operations Management software arenas since 1999 and is recognized globally as a thought leader in this space. Most recently, Mr. Yost was a contributing expert to the development of the 2019 World Manufacturing Forum Report – Skills for the Future of Manufacturing (https://www.worldmanufacturingforum.org/report-2019). 

Mike holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and lives in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. with his wife and five children.


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