Ray Collett - CEO, CESMII

Ray Collett - CEO, CESMII

Dear SMLC Members and Partners

I am honored to serve as CEO of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII). It is a privilege to join this Institute at a time when, together, we can bring forth such a meaningful transformation and renewed promise for the manufacturing industry. 

The richness of CESMII's collaboration will drive the Institute's success and make this achievement possible. I look forward to actively seeking your input and meet many of you over the coming months to understand your NEEDS and DRIVERS for your business success. I am excited to work alongside you, a team dedicated to the vision and future of energy sustainability, innovation and  U.S. competitiveness through making Smart Manufacturing a reality. The incredible work by the entire SMLC network of partners has been inspiring.  SMLC has been at the forefront of Smart Manufacturing, creating the launching pad in which CESMII will build and expand upon. 

As we begin this new chapter together, I wanted to share my background and what motivates me. As a young man, I became interested in manufacturing processes growing up in an industrialized neighborhood in NYC. I visited many of these plants in my journey in becoming an Eagle Scout to learn about engineering and manufacturing, any of the folks in these facilities helped guide me in my projects for which I am thankful. I served proudly as an Officer in the US Merchant Marine and U.S. Navy with Honorable discharge. Going into industry, I have served as a process engineer for a 6 MW power plant, supported control system designs in U.S. Naval vessels, managed process treatment systems across small and large manufacturing locations as well as training these teams, and have managed the global design of new products and systems for mobile and industrial applications. The success in each of these was linked through sensors, controls, local, and remote analytics. Most recently I served as the VP of Innovation for Parker Hannifin's Hydraulics Group, a Fortune 500 global diversified manufacturer.

I was attracted to CESMII and its membership base by the goals and drivers we strive to bring to the marketplace to serve our members and help them be successful in many areas of manufacturing. I want to help U.S. manufacturers be the most successful in the world, develop a strong and knowledgeable workforce and allow our children to have some of the same experiences I had as a young man to learn and grow. I am energized and committed to support you and create a thriving Institute in which we can achieve the highest level of excellence and value delivered to our members.

Thank you for contributing to this vision to date, our work in partnership with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) will help us create this future together through a successful public/private partnership.


Ray Collett