At our CESMII 2019 Annual Meeting, you participated in the MESA International instructor-led training on site.  You can download the course materials at the links below:

Resetting the Discussion on Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is gaining traction throughout industry, but everyone talking about it tends to talk a little differently:  What is it?  What isn’t it?  Aren’t we already doing it?  Isn’t it all brand new?  It’s time for a reset.

Smart Manufacturing Justification & Return on Investment (RoI)

Learn about the major elements necessary to produce an effective ROI, including the importance of partnering with the correct stakeholders, acquiring an executive sponsor, and understanding and articulating the present state and desired future state.

More about MESA International:

MESA International is a global, non-profit industry association focused on Manufacturing IT education and best practice sharing.  A 27-year old organization, the MESA community helps manufacturers and solution providers understand both “How” and “Why” to leverage Smart Manufacturing solutions and technologies. Content for both instructor-led training sessions you attended were drawn from existing MESA educational offerings:

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