Mayor Garcetti launches Manufacturing Week at Toolbox LA

October 4, 2018


group photo with the mayor.jpg

LOS ANGELES — As part of the partnership between the City of Los Angeles and the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), Mayor Eric Garcetti launched Manufacturing Week at Toolbox LA in the San Fernando Valley. With Senator Henry Stern present and nodding in approval, the Mayor addressed LA’s potential manufacturing capabilities, emphasizing the importance of manufacturing and technology in Los Angeles, including the impact it will bring to young Angelenos. The partnership between both CESMII and the city will be instrumental in accelerating Smart Manufacturing, creating a young workforce development, and transforming the way we see advanced manufacturing. The institute selected R&D projects will join forces among many institutions and industry partners, including El Camino College, Penn State, Texas A&M, Virginal Poly Tech, Honeywell, Arcelor Mittal and ThinkIQ to develop: SM (Smart Manufacturing) curriculum, awareness, classes from K-12 to universities, and finally; create an interactive simulated factory to demonstrate SM technologies and applications for students, trainees, and factory workers. The celebrated partnership between both parties brings about a monumental stride in shaping advanced manufacturing and a new light on Smart Manufacturing. And it all starts here – in Los Angeles.