Meet John Dyck, CESMII CTO at the upcoming InnovationXLab Advanced Manufacturing Summit


May 7-8, 2019

The InnovationXLab Advanced Manufacturing Summit brings together thought leaders and industry stakeholders, including CESMII CEO John Dyck, to explore new solutions to manufacturing challenges and opportunities. This is a two-way exchange, with industry participants informing future DOE portfolio planning by sharing information on technical needs, risk appetite, and investment criteria. The event is intended to catalyze public-private partnerships and commercialization hand-offs utilizing DOE’s broad array of scientific and technical resources.  

John Dyck, a panelist on the Digital Factory panel discussion, will provide an overview of the challenges and opportunities in the digitization and democratization of smart manufacturing. 

The Digital Factory panel discussion presents the how new technologies, such as Low cost sensors, broad band connectivity, and cloud-based operations, have changed many aspects of our lives from travel to banking to the way we communicate. This session will provide insight into how the digital thread, with its plethora of technical advancements, is revolutionizing manufacturing opportunities. Participants in this session are thought leaders who will explore the technical challenges and changes that can be expected in the near future, and how they will affect operations as well as future business models in the manufacturing sector.

The Advanced Manufacturing Summit, being held at Oak Ridge National Laboratory from May 7-9, 2019, is the third in the InnovationXLab Series designed to showcase the remarkable assets of the Department’s National Laboratories – people, facilities, and technology – and provide industry representatives with information about leveraging these assets to accelerate innovation and U.S. competitiveness. 

The Keynote Address, entitled “Advanced Manufacturing for the New American Energy Era” will be given by Rick Perry Secretary of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy.