We are looking for an architecture that is not an Internet of Things, but an Internet of Manufacturing that allows solutions to be connected and applied through an open framework.
— Jim Wetzel, SMLC Chair

History of SMLC

In June 2016, the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) was selected to lead the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, a White House-led “Manufacturing USA” initiative.

SMLC is a national nonprofit focused on transforming U.S. manufacturing through democratizing access to real-time data.  SMLC is developing the nation’s first open platform and marketplace for real-time data analytics, industrial applications, and solutions for manufacturing. This enabling infrastructure will provide manufacturers with easy and affordable access to evolve with technology, innovate, and tackle industrial, environmental and market-dynamic challenges.

Video: SMLC is developing the nation's first open smart manufacturing platform for collaborative networked information industrial applications.