Fundamentals of Smart Manufacturing

Developing a Strong Smart Foundation to Advance America’s Manufacturing Workforce

A significant collaboration in the Tooling U-SME and CESMII workforce partnership is the Fundamentals of Smart Manufacturing learning package that covers essential methodologies for today’s manufacturing ecosystem. Smart impacts many job roles from leadership to engineering and the frontline workforce, to educators training the next generation of manufacturers. These new resources will set a common foundation and language that enables cross-disciplinary innovation, ensuring American manufacturing competitiveness.

Introduction to Smart Manufacturing

  • Introduction to Smart Manufacturing
  • Business Strategy & Smart Manufacturing*
  • Introduction to Digital Enterprise
  • Data & Design Management for Digital Enterprises


Capturing & Organizing Data

  • IIoT and Smart Manufacturing*
  • Big Data and Smart Manufacturing*
  • Introduction to the Industrial Internet of Things
  • Data Collection Fundamentals
  • Data Collection: Inventory and Maintenance
  • Automatic Identification Technology 

Connecting Data, Platforms & Systems in Smart Manufacturing

  • Smart Manufacturing Integrated Management Systems *
  • Introduction to Digital Networks
  • Introduction to PLCs
  • Introduction to Digital Thread
  • Introduction to Digital Twin
  • Vision Systems

Providing Insights for Enhanced Decision Making

  • Digital Lean – Enhancing Lean with Digital Techniques*
  • SPC Overview
  • Troubleshooting
  • Continuous Process Improvement: Managing Flow
  • Continuous Process Improvement: Identifying and Eliminating Waste

Automating Flow & Control

  • Smart Manufacturing Process Modeling and Optimization*
  • Automated Systems and Control
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications
  • Augmented Worker*
  • Applications for Robots
  • Introduction to Collaborative Robots
  • Smart/Digital Supply Chain*


  • Securing the Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure*
  • Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Basics
  • Cybersecurity for Manufacturing: Malware Overview
  • Cybersecurity for Manufacturing: Hacking Overview
  • Cybersecurity for Manufacturing: Wireless Networks


*Classes under development. Coming soon.

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