PROJECT LEAD: ECM Performance Materials Corp

PARTNERS: Flexware Innovation

PROBLEM STATEMENT: This RFP addresses one of the biggest issues facing small, medium and minority owned manufacturers today. The barrier to entry into automation and data collection in key processes.

PROJECT GOAL: To create a central hub for all production data, providing real-time optics into plant operations. A successful project will yield a revolutionary framework that can be used by other small to medium manufacturers to reduce the costs of collecting, parsing and storing real-time data. 

TECHNICAL APPROACH: New scale heads and load cells will be installed on 4 key operations in ECM Performance Materials’ (ECMPMC) plant. An EDGE device will be utilized to run the SM Platform™ on premise at ECMPMC’s location.  Workflows will be configured to walk the operator through the process steps to execute production orders.  A local PLC will coordinate between the SM Platform™ workflow elements and the local equipment in order to assure safety and real-time processing of manufacturing events.  Weighing information will be retrieved from the new scale heads and mapped to the profile created for the SM Platform™. 


  • Evaluate Plant Integration Options​
  • Hardware/Software POC​
  • Procurement and Installation of Hardware​
  • Installation of Platform on Premise​
  • Develop Workflows in SM Platform™​6. Develop UI​
  • Develop Integrations​
  • Systems Testing​
  • Systems Implementation​
  • Training​


  • Complete visibility in production and efficiency ​
  • Framework created for future mobile app integration


  • A small, minority-owned manufacturer in Ohio employing 15 people will be able to stay competitive and evaluate the possibility of expansion. ​
  • A member systems integrator – Flexware Innovation – first project within the CESMII community. ​
  • The SM Platform™ will be implemented, tested, stretched, and integrated by a competent team that wants to see the platform accelerate the democratization of Smart Manufacturing. ​
  • A scale profile will be created for use in the SM Platform™ ​
  • Framework that can be used by other member companies


Member % Cost Share CESMII % Cost Share Duration
50% 50% 5.5 Months


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