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Industry 4.0 and SMLC/CESMII Workshop

  • UCLA Math Sciences 5628 Los Angeles 90095 (map)

The meeting will be at UCLA in the portal room in Math Sciences 5628. Please expect coffee and refreshments in the morning and afternoon and lunch. With regard to the program, the agenda and our two person panels for the four topical areas have shaped up as follows. Each session is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes with 10 – 15 minutes opening remarks by two person panel, open discussion, and  5 – 10 minutes recap by panelists. There have been some questions on the topics. 

  1. 9:00 am welcome and introductions
  2. Morning sessions (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes each)

(1) Engaging with SMEs, integrators and supply chains; assessing readiness and where to start; workforce training – Opening remarks and recap: Haike Frank and Michelle Pastel

(2) Engaging vendors, standards and experiences together with market drivers – Opening remarks and recap: Scott Hibbard and Mark Besser

  1. Break for working lunch (about noon)
  2. Lunch and afternoon sessions (approximately 1 hour 15 minutes each)

(3) Addressing data ingestion, contextualization and modeling in discrete, continuous and hybrid manufacturing environments - Opening remarks and recap: Detlef Zuehlke and Haresh Malkani

(4) The role of Government across the spectrum of R & D, production development and implementation – Opening remarks and recap: Detlef Zuehlke and Jim Wetzel.

If you would like more information on this event, please contact Barbara Woltag at