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Workforce Development and Education Workshop


CESMII will welcome members, and supporters from industry, government and academia to its first virtual Workforce Development and Education workshop this coming April 18 & 19, 2018 beginning at 9:00am PST/12:00pm EST.  The Agenda will include welcoming and introductory remarks from CESMII Interim CEO Jim Wetzel, CIO Jim Davis, and CTO Haresh Malkani.  The event was developed and will be moderated by Mike Rinker, VP of Outreach.

This workshop is anticipated to be the first of several discussions regarding the establishment of the CESMII workforce development and education (WFD/E) community.  Our goal is to engage our members and stakeholders who have an interest in the development and use of WFD/E curricula, training/modules/courses to further enhance the implementation of Smart Manufacturing.

We want our participants to either validate, modify, or add to our understanding of the knowledge gaps that we need to fill, the hurdles that we need to remove, and ensure that our requirements are clear. Using the collective wisdom and experience of our members and stakeholders, this workshop will result in a series of frameworks and templates that we can use across CESMII in an integrated fashion for the development, testing, and deployment of CESMII WFD/E products.

Interested in attending?  Please register to attend and read/review the Agenda and pre-workshop materials listed below:

Pre-Reading Summary Report

  1. CESMII WFD-E Workshop Pre-reading Material

Supporting Detailed Documents

  1. CESMII Glossary of Terminology
  2. Assess the knowledge, skills, and gaps of CESMII members
  3. CESMII Workforce Development and Education Plan
  4. CESMII+Roadpmap+8-28-2017_PDF+printable_FINAL
  5. Final CESMII Sustainability Workshop Report with Appendices
  6. Identify preliminary requirements for training modules
  7. Regional Training and Technical Services

This Workshop will include virtual breakout sessions through the use of Zoom Video Conferencing (pre-downloading not necessary).  All call-in and link information will be provided through registration confirmation.