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USCAR - Innovations for Manufacturing Efficiency: Smart, Energy Efficient, and Flexible

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Efficient Delivery Methods for Energy and Gases

Manufacturing often requires high velocity/energy gases (e.g., compressed air) for tool power, parts cleaning, parts drying, and parts movement. Compressing gases is expensive and can account for a significant amount of energy used in a manufacturing plant. Innovative, efficient methods are needed to size and deliver compressed gases, or to reduce, mitigate or eliminate their need entirely.

This discussion will identify alternatives that more efficiently generate and deliver compressed gases for critical tooling and parts operations. The focus is on larger scale gas delivery systems.

Sustainable Waste Heat Recovery

Manufacturing processes such as heat treatment are energy-intensive and can be inefficient due to heat losses. Waste heat (energy) is removed or vented to ensure workpiece and equipment health. Capturing and reusing the energy can lower costs and improve system-wide energy efficiency, and sustainability. However, much of the waste heat available in (non-casting) powertrain manufacturing is available at lower temperatures and is not cost-effective or easy to efficiently recapture.

This discussion will identify innovations in cost-effective heat treating and waste heat recovery/reuse technologies and approaches applicable to low-temperature gradients. The focus is on large scale part heating/treating and other heating- or cooling-intensive processes in metal component manufacture.