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USCAR - Innovations for Manufacturing Efficiency: Smart, Energy Efficient, and Flexible

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Smart Flexible Efficient Machining and Manufacturing

Machining operations and tooling are often highly-efficient and well-designed but account for significant electricity use. Meaningful reductions of energy and cost will require more than incremental changes. Smart, flexible game-changing machining and manufacturing approaches are needed to meet needs for…  today’s customized, dynamic, and highly-connected digital production environments.

This discussion will identify technology and process innovations to improve or reinvent machining, tooling, and other manufacturing systems to reduce energy use while maintaining or improving cycle time, cost, and quality. The focus is on manufacturing metal components, such as engines, transmissions, cast or stamped parts, rolled metals, and other parts that require machining or tooling.

Efficient Parts Cleaning

Machining requires parts cleaning operations between process steps to prepare the work piece for the next process step. Cleaning parts is energy-intensive, can require large amounts of solvents and energy, and may produce hazardous wastes and volatile compounds. New energy-efficient paradigms are needed to eliminate or reduce solvents, enable aqueous or other cleaning processes, while still meeting robust specifications for cleanliness and quality.

This discussion will identify revolutionary alternatives to cleaning workpiece surfaces to reduce energy use, while maintaining or improving sustainability and cost. The focus is on large-scale cleaning of metal components although other materials can be considered.