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Supply Chain WebinarSupply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have made clear the urgent need for a government-funded, standardized, end-to-end supply chain initiative. Join us for an online panel discussion exploring the creation of a collaborative decision-support system for U.S. supply chains. Featuring a digital backbone, resiliency toolkits and an operational playbook, the data exchange would allow manufacturers and their suppliers to connect digitally in real time — fostering supply chain agility and resilience.

Sponsored by CESMII-The Smart Manufacturing Institute and SME, the discussion will be followed by an audience Q&A session.
Industry-leading speakers will include:

John Church — chief supply chain officer, General Mills
Kim Riddle — vice president of supply chain innovation and governance, Procter&Gamble
Bart Talloen — vice president of supply chain innovation and insights, Johnson&Johnson
Robert Hull — professor of engineering and director of the Center for Materials, Devices and Integrated Systems, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jim Wetzel — cofounder, NxGen Group
Moderated by John Dyck — CEO, CESMII

To date, creation of a data exchange has proven to be enormously challenging due to the lack of a consistent and common infrastructure, data models, data engineering and integration — all of which are required by manufacturers and suppliers to share information that will help them predict and respond to supply chain disruptions.


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